My Funded FX

My Funded FX

No Maximum Trading Days, No Style Restrictions, Receive 80% of profits, No Scaling plan required

My Funded FX Overview

MyFundedFx are a prop firm offering forex traders up to $300,000 in trading capital with a 80% profit split!

I’ve had a huge amount of emails from traders over the last few months about this firm as it’s clearly exploded in the industry, with many traders looking to seek funding.

With the aggressive scaling plans, traders can be working on up to $1,500,000 of trading capital, which is one of the reasons traders are so keen to be working with MyFundedFx.

Built on Eightcap, they’re one of the only prop firms offering crypto trading on the weekends – making it a hub for budding crypto traders looking to get funded, alongside forex traders.

Could this be the prop firm to displace some of the big players in the industry? Let’s take a further look…

My Funded FX Summary Information

💰 Account currency: USD
🚀 Minimum deposit: $50
⚖️ Leverage: 1:100
💱 Spread: No
🔧 Instruments: Currencies, indices, and commodities
💹 Margin Call / Stop Out: No
👍 My Funded FX Advantages
  • Offers a profit share of up to 80%.
  • Provides funding of up to $4,000,000.
  • Has a user-friendly dashboard
  • No time limits
  • Provides the best available spreads in the market.
  • An automated process that makes it easy to run your trading accounts.
👎 My Funded FX Disadvantages
  • Does not offer free trials
  • Do not refund traders who fail to reach a funded account.
  • Some account challenges are too expensive to purchase.

MyFundedFx is a legitimate proprietary trading firm that offers ambitious forex traders an opportunity to trade the firm’s capital and share in the profits. They offer a unique Trading Platform to prove one’s trading strategy and skills through one-step and two-step evaluation challenges, each with distinct account sizes and trading conditions.

A key feature of MyFundedFx is its 2-step challenge. The process begins with an evaluation phase, where traders need to achieve a minimum profit target within a set number of trading days while adhering to strict daily and maximum drawdown rules. If successful, traders advance to the second stage – the funded phase, where they continue to demonstrate their trading proficiency while adhering to the firm’s drawdown rules.

With its detailed prop firm challenges, MyFundedFx seeks to identify profitable traders who can consistently meet realistic trading objectives. Unlike many other Proprietary firms, MyFundedFx does not enforce a minimum trading day requirement, giving traders unlimited time to reach their targets. The firm also has more relaxed trading rules allowing a wider range of trading styles, including news trading and swing trading.

My Funded FX Package and Prices

The prices of My Funded FX packages are as follows;

2 Step Normal

Price Funding Amount
$50 $5,000
$100 $10,000
$200 $25,000
$300 $50,000
$500 $100,000
$950 $200,000
1399 $300,000

My Funded FX 2 Step Normal Packaces

2 Step Pro

Price Funding Amount
$70 $5,000
$135 $10,000
$250 $25,000
$375 $50,000
$575 $100,000
$1100 $200,000
$1600 $300,000

My Funded FX 2 Step Pro Packaces

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1 Step

Price Funding Amount
$50 $5,000
$100 $10,000
$200 $25,000
$300 $50,000
$500 $100,000
$950 $200,000
1399 $300,000

My Funded FX 1 Step Packaces

The difference between 2-Step Normal and 2-Step Pro?

2-Step Normal: Overall Drawdown Limit: 8% (static) Leverage for Pairs (Fx major, minor, exotic): 1:100 Prices are normal rate.

2-Step Pro: Overall Drawdown Limit: 10% (static) Leverage for Pairs (Fx major, minor, exotic): 1:50 Prices are higher compared to the Normal plan.

The main differences between the 2-Step Normal and 2-Step Pro plans are the overall drawdown limit, leverage ratio, and price. The 2-Step Pro plan offers a higher drawdown limit but comes with lower leverage. However, it’s important to note that the prices for the 2-Step Pro plan are higher than those for the Normal plan. When making a choice between the two, consider your risk tolerance and trading preferences to select the best option for your needs.

My Funded FX Withdrawal Options

MyFundedFx is highly recognized in the Forex industry for its smooth and efficient payout system. An extensive array of withdrawal options is provided, catering to diverse preferences and ensuring flexibility for all traders. This wide variety of options is a testament to MyFundedFx’s commitment to customer satisfaction and ease of use.

A salient feature of MyFundedFx’s operations is their adherence to the stated payout procedures. The firm’s reputation in the industry and among traders is bolstered by its prompt and reliable withdrawal processing. As with any prop trading firm, the capacity to withdraw funds is intrinsically linked to the trader’s success in generating profits. Hence, it’s an essential factor to consider when assessing the firm’s overall reliability and integrity.

Based on general user experience, traders have positively highlighted MyFundedFx’s withdrawal process, noting the ease of transactions and punctuality of payouts. This consistency in meeting withdrawal requests adds an extra layer of trust and encourages traders to work diligently towards their trading objectives, knowing their hard-earned profits will be accessible when needed.


Is The My Funded FX Program A Scam?

When reviewing any prop firm, you’ll know that we like to dive into the reviews online and see what experience other traders have been having.

Although we personally have had a great experience trading with MyFundedFx, we need to be sure that other traders are also being treated in this way!

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My Funded FX 43

It’s great to see that traders leaving reviews on TrustpilotOpens in a new tab.have had the same experience as us! MyFundedFx currently have over 300 reviews with an excellent rating!

Only having 2% negative reviews is great, especially within the forex industry where traders are obviously prone to losing money and feeling negatively about a broker or a prop firm.

My Funded FX

My Funded FX Reviews

My Funded FX Contacts Information

My Funded FX does not explicitly share contact information in a visible part of its site. However, the company information of MyFundedFX LLC, which is registered in the Texas state and stated in the footer of its site, is as follows;

Texas Taxpayer Number 32085570607
Mailing Address 2112 BOLL ST APT 233 DALLAS, TX 75204-2848
Right to Transact Business in Texas ACTIVE
State of Formation TX
Effective SOS Registration Date 07/25/2022
Texas SOS File Number 0804658937
Registered Office Street Address 9900 SPECTRUM DR AUSTIN, TX 78717

My Funded FX My Funded FX

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My Funded FX’s Competitors

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My Funded FX Details

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Our Funds, Your Profit Manage Capital up to:
Learn to trade for our Proprietary Trading Firm.
Complete the Trading Challenge and manage accounts up to $600,000

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