Is Funded Engineer Legit?

Funded Engineer is %100 legit and not a scam; you can access their funding program and trade using their capital in the forex market. However, you must pass through their evaluation process to qualify for their funding program. In the evaluation process, the program expects you to showcase your trading talent and skills that can help you get the best of your trades. Therefore, you must be able to trade in the forex market with an outstanding trading experience in the available trading instruments. In addition, you must be more than eighteen years of age for you to be accepted to join the program. There is also a one-time evaluation fee that you must be able to pay in the program for you to choose your preferred account and start your trading. The program provides you with multiple accounts, depending on the account size and price. If you can trade while respecting their trading rules, you will stand a chance to succeed in their funding program. On the other hand, you must be a good risk manager and consistently make high profits in your trading process.

Funded Engineer offers up to:
funds to financially empower global traders
and help them earn full-time.

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